Wednesday, November 24, 2004


We had our weekly radio show. We talked about interesting things, such as milk, rap, the Beatles, canned laughter, sex in tents, cake, and as usual played lots of good tunes. For more information, seek enlightenment here: .

Apart from that, I've been busy being busy. Have you ever noticed how everytime you do laundry, your laundry basket fills up right away? I find it's an interesting analogy reflecting the inherently cyclical nature of life itself.


Anonymous said...

"Does it ever seem as though you finish one task only to find out that you have MORE stuff to do? And everyday it starts all over again?"

Yes... Yes, it does seem that way.
What kind of life is this? Isn't the whole point of technology/society to allow us to do the same things in less time? To give us MORE free time?

There is something deeply disturbing about the fact that the more I do, the more things are demanded of me. This makes me deeply unhappy... Now usually this isn't a problem since for the most part I keep caught up, aside from the occasional outbreak of procrastination and late marks. Which I'm going through right now. Why do I keep preventing myself from working on my psych assignment?? FUCK!

Anonymous said...

Laziness, laziness is the solution to adapt to this crazy society! Be lazy, be happy~

Anonymous said...

word to the wise...."Don't Get Lazy, Get Crazy!" (annonymous, cancun mexico)

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