Wednesday, December 03, 2008

White Supremacist Movement Amidst Presidential and Economic Changes

It is dumbfounding to think that White Supremacist movements still exist today, never mind be increasing in popularity. The following video, created by the American News Project, conveys some astounding information about how White Supremacist movements are increasing in popularity due to the recent historical election of a Black American president and the simultaneous degradation of the economy.

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Anonymous said...

This viseo is nothing more than a horse-shit load of lies and jew propaganda!
Those two morons who were going to attempt to do mischief do NOT represent OUR people! THEY are idiots who are acting out of immediate gratification, just like some negroid, instead of a well-thought out white person. In case you hadn't noticed, Schleselman is a JEW and their so-called organization that they're in, doesn't exist, except for those two alone. Big conspiracy theory!
As a white separatist, we have that fear that some stupid white guy will assassinate Barak Hussein and then the government will really crack down on OUR Rights as far as Free Speech and our gun Rights! If Barak DOES get assassinateed, look at the Mossad for is not their motto "By deception shall we wage war"?

Mark Martin