Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Infinite Knowledge?

Our modern world is a frenetically hectic place humming with a pseudo infinite number of events happening at any one moment. An attempt to imagine the abundance and heterogeneity of all contemporaneous happening things can be overwhelming. From a practical perspective, however, we are challenged everyday to both protect ourselves from the anxiety-provoking nature of the overabundance of information *and* to choose which activity to partake in from the multitude of options available to us.

This rant actually reminds me of this interesting youtube video about the nature of globalization and our information age. The video makes one wonder about the potential implications of the fact that the accumulation of knowledge is increasing exponentially in relatively short periods of time. Thinking about these issues may lead one to ponder (among other things) whether there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be discovered about our reality?

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